Policy initiatives to protect health

Smoke-free Communities 

Smoke-free community policies protect people from secondhand smoke in public spaces.

Retailer Licensing

Tobacco retailer licensing curbs youth tobacco use by preventing illegal sales to minors.

Smoke-free Housing 

Enforcing smoke-free policies in multiunit housing facilities prevents secondhand smoke exposure in apartments, condos and other living spaces that share air.

Tobacco-free Worksites

Tobacco-free policies protect employees from secondhand smoke exposure on the job.

Tobacco-free Schools

Tobacco-free policies at schools, colleges and universities send a strong message to students that tobacco has no place in their lives.

Health Systems Change

Policy around health systems change equips providers with tobacco cessation resources for patients.

Longmont Improves Smoke-free Protections

On Tuesday, July 9, 2019 the Longmont City Council voted to expand smoke- and vape-free protections by prohibiting the use of both products along Main Street. The new ordinance, effective July 22nd, bans smoking and vaping of any substance on all Main Street sidewalks between First and Longs Peak...

// Date July 11th, 2019
// Location // Locations Longmont