Talk to Youth About Vaping

If you have kids, or work with them, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about vaping, the latest trend in tobacco products. As a parent or trusted adult, it can be hard to advise teens about vaping if you don’t know much about it. Sometimes it may seem like we’re learning about vaping from teens themselves, but we know they may not have the most reliable information. And the Internet? Well, it’s got a lot of promotions for vaping that you should approach skeptically.

That’s why we at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment have put together resources especially for you. They’re designed to help you understand the ins and outs of vaping and then confidently talk with teens about it.


Understanding the product

There are a lot of different vaping devices out there. Get familiar with what they are and what they look like.


What are doctors saying?

Doctors have serious concerns about teens vaping. See what they have to say.

Daniel Kortsch, M.D.

Family Medicine
Denver Health

Tista Ghosh, M.D., MPH

Deputy Chief Medical Officer
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment