Some days you love smoking. Others, you hate it. We get your struggle. Whatever your story is when it comes to smoking, we’re here to support you and help you take the next step. Right now, you should be proud of yourself: You already took a first step by being here.

Meet three Coloradans who’ve had their own ups and downs with smoking and have thought about making a plan to quit.

Woman sitting in chair with another version of herself sitting beside her and looking worried
“As soon as 4:00 pm rolls around, I’m out the door to have my cigarette.”
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Man sitting in chair smoking with another version of himself sitting beside him
“I thought I was in control. I could quit anytime I wanted to.”
– Bobby
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A man sitting in a char smoking with another version of himself sitting next to him
“I couldn’t make it through the day without stressing about my next smoke.”
– Isaiah
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Before you take the first step, check in with yourself.

To begin, think about whether you feel ready to make a change in your smoking. It’s totally ok if you aren’t ready: in fact, this page will be most helpful for those who aren’t quite ready to make a change.


Click on the box that fits how you feel right now about smoking:

A first step towards quitting is knowing what you love, what you hate, and how you’ll cope.

Stressing about that next smoke break. Then relaxing after finally lighting one up. Then more stress thinking about how people might notice the smell on your clothes. Most smokers face this constant cycle of ups and downs. The loves. The hates. We totally get it.

Anticipating everything you love, what you hate, and how you’ll deal is an important step towards quitting someday.

The tiles below can help you understand why you smoke and what might be different if you decided to make a change, because understanding where smoking fits in your life can help you weigh the pros and cons of taking a next step towards quitting.

Click the cards to interact.

Cigarette Over White #1 Imagine a future without cigs…
A man looking concerned resting his chin on his hands
Consectetuer Adipiscin
Imagine you’ve quit for a few weeks or months. How do you feel about yourself?
But all of my friends smoke.
A group of guys standing on the street looking happy
If you love it and hate it, your friends probably do too.
What role could your friends play when you’re ready to quit?
What worked in the past?
A vector image of a brain
Have you tried to quit in the past? (Most smokers have)
What worked last time and what could you do differently next time?
Withdrawal is the worst.
A man in a flannel shirt sitting in his truck with the door open
There is just no way around it. Quitting is hard.
Could you practice quitting just for a short time so you know what to expect when you are ready?
How much does smoking really cost?
A vector image of a stack of dollar bills and stacks of coins
Smoking costs more than the money you spend on packs.
What are some of the other ways smoking costs you?
Can you remember life before smoking?
A group of teens walking away on the sidewalk
How long have you been smoking?
And how many times do you think you have wished that you didn’t or could quit?
But coffee & smoking go hand in hand.
A vector image of a cup of coffee and a cigarette
Think about why those go together. How could you change your routine?
What keeps you from change?
Woman looking concerned
Can you think of some things that may make it hard for you to change right now?
Could you overcome those obstacles? And if so, how?
When you wake up, do you light up right away?
A vector image of an alarm clock
Think about how it makes you feel. Addicted? Rewarded? Both?

Awesome job. Keep exploring for more ideas.

Making a plan doesn’t have to be hard.

When you’re ready, you deserve to have a plan that works for you. A lot of people have found these steps helpful. Maybe you will too.

Way to go! You’ve taken another great step!

Colorado provides many free resources: find something that fits you.

Look at all you’ve accomplished. Keep it up!

Angel’s Story

Angel felt good when she smoked. She also felt guilty doing it.

Not everyone is ready to be like Angel tomorrow. But she is ready to give quitting another try. Follow her on her journey towards quitting. She’ll share what she learns. The struggles and setbacks she faces. And the triumphs and rewards she experiences along the way.  

Click to watch her full journey on YouTube

Quitting Smoking: What is it Like?

Thoughts as I’m preparing to quit

It’s normal to feel anxious

Replacing my afternoon smoke

Three days after my quit date

Getting text message support

A few days into my quit

A new evening routine

Smoking is losing it’s appeal