News Roundup: Vaping Linked to Health Problems in Young People Nationwide

August 29th, 2019

Dozens of stories hit national news last week about teens who are experiencing severe health problems – from breathing issues to lung collapse – and tying their symptoms to vaping.

Here is a roundup of stories from the week about vape’s health risks and what new cases are revealing.

  1. Teens in Wisconsin Diagnosed With Severe Lung Problems via Gizmodo
  2. Student Shares Shocking Images of Collapsed Lungs After Vaping for a Year via NY Post
  3. Mystery Lung Illness Linked to Vaping. Health Officials Investigating Nearly 100 Possible Cases via Washington Post
  4. CDC Launches Probe Into Surge Of Severe Lung Disease Cases Linked To Vaping via Huffington Post
  5. Vaping Caused North Texas Teen’s Lungs to Fail, Doctors Say via WFAA Texas

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