Michelle’s Story – Quitting with the Quitline

February 14th, 2022

Quitting tobacco is difficult, and for many, finding motivation to quit can come in different forms. Michelle, a Colorado resident, recently shared her story about finding her motivation to quit tobacco after she became seriously ill due to years of tobacco use. 

Even with such powerful motivation, it wasn’t easy. Michelle tried to quit smoking on her own using gum, candies, and going cold turkey. It was support from the Colorado QuitLine that helped her finally quit for good. 

Learn more about her experience with the Quitline, including the process and specific support that she found invaluable. She encourages everyone to quit tobacco and to reach out to the Quitline for support.

When it comes to quitting tobacco, everyone takes their own path. If you are ready to quit tobacco, it’s time to find a plan that works for you. Discover how QuitLine services can help you quit tobacco your way.