Breathe Easy Ordinance Makes 16th Street Mall Smoke-free

December 1st, 2017

By Julie Leonardi

As of December 1, all cigarettes, marijuana and vaping devices are banned within 50 feet of Denver’s 16th Street Mall. The Breathe Easy ordinance is designed to keep the mall clean and the air clear and safe for visitors and commuters.

“The city’s smoking ban is in effect, banning all cigarettes, marijuana and vaping devices within 50 feet of the mall.

“Officers are working on going around to each business letting them know to tell their employees or guests that they’re not allowed to smoke in the mall,” officer Rodney Sanchez said.

Offenders could face up to a $100 fine, but police want that to be the last resort. They will aim to give warnings first or ask smokers to back up 50 feet.

“As a smoker, I totally understand, it smells and I can understand how it’s irritating so I can walk a block off,” Paige Mathis said.”


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