Will you stand with these students?

Colorado high school students are vaping at twice the national average — the most of 37 states surveyed.1  Many are becoming addicted by the nicotine in vape.

The vape industry has used many tricks to hook youth.

See Trick #1

Creating kid-friendly flavors in packaging that looks like candy and sweets.

Expose Trick #2

Designing vape devices that can be easily hidden from parents and teachers.

Spot Trick #3

Marketing vape products on the social media platforms kids use.

Learn Trick #4

Labeling products as nicotine-free that research shows can contain this highly addictive drug.2

These are the real tricks used by the vape industry to manipulate and addict kids.

Colorado youth are smart enough to see through the clouds of disinformation. But they can’t overcome the powerful vape industry on their own.

It turns out that kids actually listen to adults they trust — and they look to us for leadership on critical issues like this.

These are the facts about vaping:

  1. It’s not just water vapor. Vape devices can deliver heavy doses of nicotine. In fact, one vape pod has as much nicotine as a whole pack of cigarettes.
  2. Nicotine harms developing brains. That means it can make it harder for youth to focus on important things like school.
  3. Young vapers are over four times more likely to turn to regular cigarettes. (It’s no surprise that tobacco companies are investing in the vape industry.)  

Here are the ways you can help Colorado kids say #NoMoreVapeTricks

Use these resources as your crash course in youth vaping.

They’ll help you confidently talk to kids.


There’s something every Coloradan can do to end the Vape Epidemic.

Medical providers, schools and leaders can join parents to make a change. Learn more from CDPHE’s Health Advisory, which provides simple actions for each group.

See the advisory.

Share the message that it isn’t healthy for kids to vape.

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