John’s Quit Story: Motivation Makes All the Difference

April 25th, 2023

Quitting tobacco is not an easy process. Most people try several times before they stop using tobacco for good. 

John had an on-again, off-again relationship with tobacco throughout his life. Smoking was a coping mechanism for stress. Without learning other tools, he went through the cycle of quitting and starting several times. 

His most recent quit attempt was in April of 2021. He said he was inspired to quit by his kids, who didn’t know about his tobacco addiction. Feelings of guilt or of sneaking around got to him. While trying hard to keep his kids healthy, he decided to quit to keep himself healthy and lower the risk of exposing them to secondhand smoke. 

He says he feels like a weight has been lifted, and he looks forward to using his healthier lungs to do activities with his family.

Finding your reason to quit is a key part of starting your journey. Learn more about how to quit tobacco for good here.