Montrose County School District Has Joined National Lawsuit Against Juul

September 9th, 2020

In June, Montrose County School District joined more than 100 other districts around the nation in a lawsuit against Juul.

Local leaders believe schools in their district are among the hardest hit in the nation when it comes to students vaping, which motivated them to join the lawsuit.

“We do surveys with our students every couple of years regarding behaviors and what they do and don’t do,” said Montrose County School District Superintendent Stephen Schiell. “Many school districts in Colorado do this, too. Most of the states in America are doing the same kinds of surveys. In America, Colorado is No. 1 in the country for vaping by teens. Our area, not necessarily the school district, but we are the biggest school district in the area (the state is divided into a half-dozen or so areas in the surveys), we’re No. 1 in Colorado. What does that tell you about us? We’re the No. 1 region in America for teen vaping.”

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