CPR: Why Quit Tools Are Lacking for Colorado Teens Who Are Hooked on Vaping

August 2nd, 2019

Colorado’s health officials estimate that 10 percent of high schoolers in the state vape nicotine more than 10 days a month, and the state’s free cessation QuitLine saw a quadrupling of the number of minors calling for support in 2018.

However, the money available to help teens quit has shrunk. The state funding to maintain tobacco prevention and cessation resources is being cut; fewer cigarettes are consumed statewide so less cigarette taxes are available to help pay for state anti-tobacco efforts.

The issue has created a puzzle for schools, parents and health officials as many Colorado teens report struggling to overcome vaping addiction.

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What can you do to help?

Visit the Protect Coloradans page to learn more about tobacco policy in our state, or get the facts about teen vaping and how you can have a conversation with the kids in your life.