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Whether you’re ready to quit, quitting again, or just wanting to take the first step, QuitLine can help with expert coaching and free patches and gum.

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It’s free, and it’s confidential.

Get Free Patches and Gum

Colorado QuitLine offers free patches, gum, and lozenges to help you manage cravings. Using quit medications like these can double your chances of quitting successfully.  Enroll online or chat with a coach today to find out what products are best for you.

Pregnant? We Are Here for You and Your Family

The Colorado QuitLine Pregnancy Program offers personalized, nonjudgmental support before your baby is born and for up to a year after delivery. While many expectant parents quit smoking to keep themselves and their babies safe from tobacco, this program can also keep you on track after the baby is born. Enroll today, and you can earn up to $220 in total incentives for participating.

If You’re an American Indian and a Commercial Tobacco User

Tobacco use is a cultural and spiritual staple in the American Indian community. The American Indian commercial tobacco program is a dedicated coaching program with Native coaches providing up to ten culturally sensitive coaching sessions and free quit medications. 

Click here to learn more. 

We Have Support for Young People Too

Colorado youth ages 12 and up can get answers about vaping and free help from QuitLine without parents’ consent. Coaches are available online and by phone. They are trained to help with vaping, smoking, hookah, and chew, and all services are confidential. 

Visit coyouthquitline.org to learn more and get connected.

Use Chew, Snuff, Snus or other Smokeless Tobacco?

If you use smokeless tobacco, QuitLine has plans that can help you specifically. Quit medications and tools for dealing with triggers like stress are all available for free – online and by phone. Visit the QuitLine today to find your free plan.

The Quit Line welcomes all races, religions, genders, countries of origin, sexual orientations