The Facts
Economic Impacts

tobacco habit is expensive -- in more ways than one. In Colorado, a typical pack of cigarettes costs about $5.65. While this may not seem like a lot of cash, buying pack after pack translates into billions of dollars in health care costs in Colorado and nationwide. Health care costs related to tobacco use cost each Colorado household $753 a year. 

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Businesses also suffer from the effects of tobacco. Tobacco use causes employees to miss work more often due to sickness and makes them more expensive to insure. Each year, smoking deaths cost businesses $156.6 billion nationwide.

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Tobacco-Related Monetary Health Care Costs 
Annual health care costs in Colorado directly caused by smoking  $1.89 billion*
Portion covered by the Colorado Medicaid program  $386.3 million*
Annual health care costs in the US caused by smoking  $170 billion* 
Annual health care expenditures solely from secondhand smoke exposure in the US  $60.3 billion
* These amounts do not account for health care costs caused by exposure to secondhand smoke, smokeless tobacco, cigar or pipe smoking or fires resulting from smoking.