Success Stories

While no two quitting experiences are quite the same, it can be helpful to hear from other former tobacco users who successfully quit. 

Name: Matthew
Town: Larkspur
Motivation: I was the only smoker left in my family still living. When I sat down with my wife, kids, brother and sister we listed everyone who had smoked and how they died. Quitting smoking became the most important thing in my life.
Tactics: Set a quit date, cinnamon toothpicks, lozenges, cessation app on phone, support from daughter.
Result: 80 days tobacco free, sleeping better, more energy, better mood

Name: Dave
Town: Fort Morgan
Motivation: My doctor told me I now have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and that I'd better stop smoking right away.
Tactics: Quit coach, replace smoking breaks with walks, mints, spent time on hobbies, avoided gatherings with other smokers.
Result: Better breathing, non-stinky car, cleaner clothes, happier non-smokers around me

Name: Maria
Town: Colorado Springs
Motivation: My husband quit seven years earlier; I was determined to quit too.
Tactics: Called Colorado QuitLine, found alternative methods of occupying hands, black licorice, kept busy at home, exercise classes.
Result: Smoke-free home and car, more energy, extra money.

Name: Mike
Town: Denver
Motivation: I wanted a healthier life. I quit for six months but relapsed. I was determined to succeed.
Tactics: Colorado QuitLine, persistence, riding bicycle every day, avoiding old smoking spots, cleaned room I smoked the most in, spent time in different places.
Results: More energy, more exercise, healthier life.

Name: Ron
Town: Denver
Motivation: I promised my son I would quit.
Tactics: Nicotine replacement therapy from doctor, faith, support from my family.
Results: Breathing better at night, realized how bad cigarette smoke smells