Help Someone Quit
Quitting a habit of any kind is hard, and breaking a tobacco addiction is no different. 

When helping a family member or friend quit tobacco, it is important to remember it’s very difficult to do. For most tobacco users, it’s a part of everyday life and creating new routines takes time and willpower.

Your support during this process helps them be successful. 

Helping Friends and Family Quit

Ultimately, it is the tobacco user’s decision to quit, but your support can help. Here are some things to keep in mind when helping someone quit:
  • Be positive and encouraging. 
  • Help them develop a quit plan. List reasons why it is important to quit and encourage the person you are helping to keep the list handy as a reminder.
  • Recognize it can take multiple tries for people to successfully quit. 
  • Remind them of the reasons they are quitting -- a healthier life, savings, etc. 
Overcoming a nicotine addiction is difficult for everyone. Looking for free services to assist a friend or family member’s goal to quit?

CoQuit Line

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for information about the Colorado Quitline.