Tobacco Quit and Save App

Tobacco Quit and Save is a free app available for Android and iPhone mobile devices. The app automatically tracks each day you go without a cigarette, money you’re saving, and days added onto your life. The location-aware app also provides motivational messages to help you stay tobacco free.

This motivational app can be used if you:
  • Have already quit smoking
  • Want to quit smoking
  • Are helping someone else quit
  • Want to learn more about the costs of smoking
Just answer a few short questions when you first open the app and it will begin to track:
  • Dollars Saved
  • Days Added to Your Life
  • Days Since Last Cigarette
  • Number of Cigarettes Not Smoked
The app can also provide supportive quitting messages when you visit hundreds of locations where tobacco products may be sold in Colorado. This location-aware feature can be switched on and off.

Tobacco Quit and Save also allows users to share their accomplishments with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter. Looking for extra support to stay quit? The app links directly to TobaccoFreeCO.org for tips and quitting resources.

Quitting is a unique process for everyone. It may even take multiple tries, but don't give up. If you relapse while using Tobacco Quit and Save then simply reset the app to try again. The app will continue to display the number of days you went without smoking during your Best Attempt. You can then work to beat that goal on your next attempt.

Test the Tobacco Quit and Save app at a mall kiosk near you. Click here to view participating malls.

Disclaimer: This app is intended to be an informational and educational tool. Calculations are based on information provided by the user and/or statewide averages for Colorado. Dollars saved, cigarettes not smoked, and time added to your life are estimates and should not be considered as actual financial or medical information. Tobacco Quit and Save is provided by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).