Tobacco Quit and Save App

The free Tobacco Quit and Save app tracks each day you go without a cigarette, the money you’re saving, and days added onto your life. The app also provides motivational messages to help you stay tobacco free. 

Use the Quit and Save app if you:  
  • Already quit smoking
  • Want to quit smoking
  • Are helping someone else quit
After you answer a few short questions, the app will track:  
  • Money saved
  • Days added to your life
  • Days since last cigarette
  • Number of cigarettes not smoked
The app can also provide quitting messages when you visit hundreds of locations where tobacco products are sold. This feature can be switched on and off. 

Quitting may take many tries, but don't give up. If you relapse while using Tobacco Quit and Save then simply reset the app to try again. The app will continue to display the number of days you went without smoking during your Best Attempt, which can serve as a goal to surpass on your next try. 

Disclaimer: This app is intended to be an informational and educational tool. Calculations are based on information provided by the user and/or statewide averages for Colorado. Dollars saved, cigarettes not smoked, and time added to your life are estimates and should not be considered as actual financial or medical information. Tobacco Quit and Save is provided by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).