Online Resources

There are many online resources to help people quit tobacco.
Quit Smoking Today Quit Smoking Today
Information and assistance to support both the immediate quit process and long-term needs as you become a non-smoker. This resource is also available in Spanish. 

Smoke Free Women Smoke Free for Women
Provides information about quitting topics that are important to women.

Smoke Free Teens Smoke Free for Teens
This site aims to help teens understand how the decisions they make, especially the decision to quit smoking, impact their lives. 

NIH Smokeless Tobacco: A Guide to Quitting
This guide focuses on the needs of smokeless tobacco users. It provides advice from chewers and dippers who have kicked the addiction. 

What Works to Quit What Works To Quit?
Information on quitting methods and options available to people trying to become tobacco-free. 

Become an Ex Become an EX
Based on personal experiences from ex-smokers, and the latest scientific research, this free program provides resources and support to become an EX and remain an EX.