My Quit Path

While every quitting experience is unique, one common theme among successful quitters is they don’t do it all by themselves. Support is waiting for you, and ready to help. The first step is to determine a resource that fits you best. Review the options below to find one, or several, that you think would help you most.

CO Quit Line
Colorado QuitLine

Start your path to quitting success! Enrolling with the Colorado QuitLine is free, and provides you access to a support team of coaches, tools and resources like text messaging and online support, and connection to a community of other Coloradans trying to quit as well. Once enrolled, you may also be able to qualify for nicotine replacement therapy products such as nicotine patches, gum or lozenges to assist you along your quit path.


Turn your phone or mobile device into a quit tool. This service was specifically designed for 18-24 year olds, but can be useful for anyone. You’ll be able to make a quit plan, and begin a program that can help keep you focused through convenient messages sent to your mobile device. It’s free to sign-up and all messages are charged at your carrier’s normal text rates. Messages are tailored to your needs, and non-judgmental…no “reporting back” to a live person required.

Other Online Resources

There are several other online resources to help you create a plan, and get additional support.

www.Smokefree.gov – This site provides you with a step-by-step quitting guide, allows you to connect with experts, and find tools.

www.BecomeAnEx.org– Real-life experiences are shared by ex-smokers. This program also provides you with the latest scientific research from the Mayo Clinic.

MyLastDip.com – Having a difficult time quitting chewing tobacco? This site collects data about your previous attempts to help you develop a plan to succeed.


Your doctor or other health care providers can also be a great resource for a successful quit attempt. Being open and honest about your tobacco use can help you and your doctor develop a successful quitting strategy.